It is important to Wolf Manor Estate that Chivalry Sir Orrick can produce
for you a foal that will be better than it's parents and the type of foal that you
will be proud to own.
When matching a stallion with a mare, you should do so with an eye to correct
any defects or weaknesses.  The mare must be a good match with the stallion
in order to produce an outstanding foal.  After all, the stallion is only half of
the equation. Research the backgrounds of both horses to find an ideal match.  
A breeder first looks at a stallion that they will be impressed by those qualities
which they are trying to produce in their own breeding program. No horse is
perfect however...faults should be minimal and what ever slight faults a horse
has should be corrected in the next generation by matching up that horse with
a horse that has the correlating strong points of the horse with the slight faults.

Obviously Chivalry's Sir Orrick will not correct slight faults in
EVERY single
mare that owners may wish to breed with him. I spent two and a half years
looking for quality in disposition, bloodlines, conformation, and athletic
ability and found what
 I  was looking for in Chivalry's Sir Orrick.
I approve mares for breeding with him by trying to "match" the mares up
well with him so that the resulting foal will be better than the two parents.
However....as correct for my breeding program Sir Orrick is with the mares
I have bought for my own breeding program ....he may not be correct for
what ever breeding program another mare owner has.  
Picking a stallion
that will match up well with the mare is the most important decision a
mare owner makes.
And communication between the stallion owner and the
mare owner is paramount in producing a foal that the mare owner is hoping
for. If discussion with a mare owner about the foal they are looking to get
from breeding their mare ends up with me not approving their mare for a
breeding to Sir Orrick....it is not because their mare is not of quality or
"good enough".....
It Is Because  the pairing of the mare with Sir Orrick will
most likely
not  produce the foal that the mare owner wants. As a breeder....
I firmly believer that the next generation of the breed should be better than
it's parents. With such a belief....I know honestly that Sir Orrick is not the
perfect stallion for
All mares. I look at him with an honest eye and do not
let my Love of him interfere with making breeding descisions. I like to
offer up other stallions of quality to mare owners with mares that may not
match up well with Sir Orrick in the pursuit of bettering the breeds and not
just mass producing horses with no thought behind where the breed is going
to be in future generations. Which is why I decided to add this page to my
website and offer to mare owners (that come looking to acquire a breeding to
Sir Orrick for their mare...) other stallions to look at and to compare with a
discerning eye a quality stallion that truly matches up well with their mare
to produce a foal that will be better than it's parents.

Please take the time to look over your mare with a judgemental eye and try
honestly to match her up well with a stallion that will help to improve the
next generation. Make a list of your mares strong points and weak points
and then make a list of the stallions strong points and weak points. Then
you need to factor in your "wish list" for the resulting foal. Will the match
have the highest possibility to produce the foal you want?  

It is important for the mare owner to look at many stallions in their search to
ensure that they have picked the best stallion to breed with their mare to
produce the quality foal they are looking to get from such a mating and
a foal that will be better than it's parents!
Please have a look at some of these other stallions that we at
        Wolf Manor Estate feel are of quality and feel free to contact their
       owners to discuss the foal you are looking to breed with your mare.    
{Note:  These are stallions that I like and think are of quality. I have not
personally seen any of these stallions in person yet. It is up to the mare owner
to fully determine the quality of these stallions  for breeding to their mares by
contacting the stallion owner and or seeing them in person themselves. }
Please click on the picture of the Stallion to go to that Stallion's
website for information about that stallion and it's owners.
         "Avond"       *Friesian Stallion*
  registered with FHANA/FSHR   DNA
         standing @ Craggy Lea Farm
              "Fox Valley Rexque Futurus (King)"  
   *1990  Triple Registered English Shire Stallion*
                  standing @ Elderberry Stables
                              "Ainville Tartan Special (Max)"
                                  *1995 Clydesdale stallion*
                               standing @ Sherwood Shires
                             "Lancashire Fear None (Bas)"
                                   *1996 Shire Stallion*
                            standing @ Sherwood Shires
                    " BWS Feather Dancer (aka Harley)"
         Drum Horse Stallion Registered: ADHA / GCDHA
Current Height: 16.3 hh Sire: Gypsy Horse Dam: Shire mare
                               Silver Feather Gypsies
mgraybeal@silverfeathergypsies.com ~  
     "O’Malley"    *Big and heavy boned Dutch stallion.
       Reg. ICS STER (1st premium twice)and GCDHA *
                     standing @ Irish Tinker Stable
*17 hh Irish-bred traditional drum horse*
      standing @ Glebelands Stud
All images © 2002 Mandi Hickman. All rights reserved.
(Photo (c) Mary Graybeal )
                        "Tieg - Skwebald Gypsy Stallion
         Registered: ADHA/GVHS--Current Height 15.1 hh
Sire: Sliante ~ Dam: Clononeen Aoife Owner: Annette
Bonnert-Standing @ AD Acre Ranch Email:
                        "Royal Thunder" Piebald Gypsy Stallion
Registered: GCDHA, ADHA, ICSFoaled: May 2002, Current height 15.1 hh
      Sire: Royal Cash (Denmark) ~ Dam: Clononeen Cottage (US)
    Standing @ Capricorn Farms Owners: Rich and Vera Nederostek
vera01@ptd.net ~ www.capricornfarms.zoomshare.com
        "Thunder"    *Big and heavy boned Dutch stallion.
                         Reg. ICS /GCDHA /NSvT*
          standing @ Irish Tinker Stable